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Short Stories and Other Quick Musings

The Man Who Wakes Everyone Up – Series

11-19-14:  The Man Who Wakes Everyone Up

Don’t trust the precocious words of a bratty little kid.  The truth may be far worse.


11-22-14: Unsettling Evidence: The Recovered Diary

Did JoAnn kill her husband?  Is she insane?  Or is the answer something more sinister?


11-26-14: My Friend Saved My Life – Twice

Friends can be lifesavers.  Especially after meeting a man like Terry.


11-29-14: A Devil in the Classroom?

Is Middy an innocent victim?  Or does she victimize?


12-2-14: The Haunting Begins

Awful nightmares and disturbing texts.  Are things about to fall apart for Tina too?


12-4-14: Can the Police Be Trusted?

What do the police know?  Can anyone be trusted?


12-6-14: Do I Deserve This Nightmare?

You know things are getting worse when there’s little difference between nightmares and reality.


12-8-14: I Don’t Regret Helping My Friend (Tina’s Story)

Perhaps a different perspective will shed some light on the mystery?


12-10-14: I Am the Harbinger of Death

Sometimes you have to acknowledge that you’ve been resigned to your  fate.


12-16-14: This Is The End, My Only Friend, The End (Part 1)

Does the truth matter?  It does if you need to know the correct answer to give to the Man Who Wakes Everyone Up.


12-18-14: This Is The End, My Only Friend, The End (Part 2)

True horror never dies.  Nor does it fade away.




A Knock at My Door

When there’s a knock at your front door at 3:30 AM, it’s more than likely not good news.

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