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Case Number: M04-6778.  Homicide Investigation of Gerry XXXXX
December 4, 2014

The following is a transcript of a secretly recorded meeting that occurred on Tuesday, December 2, 2014 between police officers of the XXXXX Homicide Unit and the F.B.I. at an undisclosed location.  This meeting was not made known to the public.  The quality of the recording was less than optimal and certain parts of the conversation could not be transcribed.

Participants include:
Commander XXXX Pinkerton of the XXXXX Police Department (Homicide Unit Supervisor)
Sergeant XXXXXX Alexander of the XXXXX Homicide Unit (case supervisor)
Detective XXXXXXX McPherson of the XXXXX Homicide Unit (primary investigator)
Detective XXX Holguin of the XXXXX Homicide Unit (secondary investigator)
Detective XXXX Lopez of the XXXXX Homicide Unit (secondary investigator)
Special Agent XXXXX Franco from the XXXXX Resident Agency of the Federal Bureau of Investigation
Special Agent XXXXXXX Dellamar from the Los Angeles Division of the Federal Bureau of Investigation


Comdr. Pinkerton:  You need to be doing press conferences on a daily basis.

Sgt. Alexander:  There isn’t any new information to share.

Comdr. Pinkerton:  Quash the rumors.  Keep the press on our side.  The public doesn’t trust the police.  Now more than ever.  We need their help.

Det. McPherson:  That God damn website needs to be shut down.

Comdr. Pinkerton:  It isn’t mainstream.  No one’s taking it seriously.

Det. McPherson:  It’s gaining popularity.  It wants to be the WikiLeaks of crime.  Could fuck up our case.  It’s making everyone sound crazy, including us.  Not that Holguin needs any help with that.

Sgt. Alexander:  Are you OK?

Det. Holguin:  I’m fine.  I’m fine.

Det. Lopez:  He’s not fine.  He’s been sick.  Hasn’t slept in days.  He’s talking to himself.

Det. Holguin:  No.  I’m fine.  I’m [inaudible] and sleeping.

Comdr. Pinkerton:  We don’t need more shit like [inaudible].  There’s no budget for additional help.

Det. Holguin:  I’m much better now.  Much better.

Sgt. Alexander:  You came here to help us.  Can’t you shut it down?

Agt. Franco:  We don’t have the resources or the man-power.  The website is hosted on a server in Sweden with a backup in Russia.  It operates a Tor hidden service for uploads.  Our office won’t deem it a high priority.

Det. McPherson:  Isn’t anyone else complaining?  We’re not the only case on there.

Agt. Franco:  It’s complicated and [inaudible].

Agt. Dellamar:  It’s not Silk Road.

Comdr. Pinkerton:  Silk what?

Agt. Franco:  I think it would be better if you found the leak.  It has to be coming from the station.

Sgt. Alexander:  I thought you said we were hacked?

Agt. Franco:  I said you might’ve been hacked.  But I don’t see any evidence of that.

Comdr. Pinkerton:  Great.  If you have nothing else to offer, you gentlemen are free to leave.

Agt. Dellamar:  There is something else.  We spoke to Ms. Rodriguez, the elementary school teacher.

Det. Holguin:  I could kill her.


Det. McPherson:  Ah, I thought you were sweet on her.

Det. Holguin:  I could kill you.

Det. McPherson:  Fuck off, Holguin.


Agt. Dellamar:  If I may continue?  We spoke to Ms. Rodriguez since she knew about the shrine – is that the word we’re using – of the little girl in the XXXXX’s garage before that info went public.

Det. Lopez:  Isn’t she still at mental health?

Agt. Dellamar:  She’s undergoing voluntary treatment.  She’s on medication, but she’s lucid.

Det. Holguin:  I should be the lead on this case.

Det. McPherson:  What?

Sgt. Alexander:  Ignore him.  Go on.

Agt. Dellamar:  She couldn’t explain how she knew about the shrine, but what she said reminded us of another case involving the death of a child and her parents.

Det. Holguin:  I told you she was dead.  Worm food.  I should be the lead on this case.

Comdr. Pinkerton:  Shut the hell up, Holguin!  Unless you want to be put on forced medical leave.

Det. Holguin:  No.  I’m much better now.  Much better.  I don’t hear it anymore.

Agt. Dellamar:  Agent Franco, can you show Detective McPherson the file?

Det. Lopez:  What’s wrong with you?  Are you still [inaudible].  The stress has fucked you up.

Det. Holguin:  I’m fine.  I sleep fine now.  No more centipedes in my brain.  I hear nothing.

Det. McPherson:  Oh, my God.  This is horrific.  When did this happen?

Agt. Dellamar:  Three years ago.  In Burbank.  It’s similar to your case, no?

Sgt. Alexander:  Let me see.

Comdr. Pinkerton:  What is it?

Sgt. Alexander:  Jesus.  How come no one has heard about this?

Agt. Dellamar:  We know how to keep things quiet.

Det. Holguin:  I think I figured it out.

Det. McPherson:  Gerry XXXXX’s internal organs were suffering from accelerated putrefaction.  [inaudible] I’m not sure the autopsy would have caught something like this.

Sgt. Alexander:  We can reexamine the body.  It’s still on ice.

Det. McPherson:  But the decay–

Comdr. Pinkerton:  Lord have mercy.  Did this really happen?  What about the tox report?

Det. McPherson:  That won’t be available for another two weeks at best.

Det. Holguin:  I figured it out.

Agt. Dellamar:  A tox report wouldn’t confirm if this happened again.  Any positive results would only be extenuating circumstances.

Sgt. Alexander:  We’ll have to reexamine the body.

Det. Lopez:  Care to fill me in?

Det. Holguin:  I figured it out!  I have the answer!

Det. McPherson:  What the fuck did you figure out, Holguin?

Det. Holguin:  Why the voice stopped waking me up.

Sgt. Alexander:  What the hell are you talking about?

Det. Lopez:  Shut up, Holguin.  [inaudible] off.  You really have to stop.  Do you want off this case?

Comdr. Pinkerton:  What’s the latest with Terry XXXXX?  Maybe he knows something.

Det. McPherson:  He’s still not saying anything.  I gave him the stick.  He’s tough.  He’s not saying anything else.

Sgt. Alexander:  Get a bigger stick.


Det. McPherson:  He’s not eating.  He looks like shit.  We might need to hospitalize him.

Sgt. Alexander:  Fuck him.  Let him go downhill.

Det. McPherson:  He’s practically aging ten years every night.  It’s a bit frightening.

Sgt. Alexander:  He has to know something about JoAnn and Middy.  Keep pressing.  Stop mothering him.

Det. McPherson:  I’m not.

Det. Holguin:  Worm food.

Det. Lopez:  Shut up, Holguin.

Det. Holguin:  It’s all about the question.  Is this heaven?

Det. Lopez:  Enough!

Agt. Dellamar:  We will control this new information.  You don’t want this to leak out.

Comdr. Pinkerton:  Agreed.

Det. Holguin:  [giggling]  Everyone has to know!  Everyone will know!

Comdr. Pinkerton:  Get him the hell out of here!

Det. McPherson:  What the fuck is wrong with you?

Det. Holguin:  Is this heaven?  Is this heaven?  Says the man who wakes everyone up!  Is this heaven?  Is this heaven?  Says the man who wakes everyone up!

Sgt. Alexander:  He’s fucking lost it.

Det. Holguin:  I will be remembered!  I am a [inaudible] [screaming].  Help me!  They’re back!

Det. Lopez:  Let go of my arm!

Det. Holguin:  [moaning]  I feel them crawling in my brain!  Eating me…..

Agt. Dellamar:  I think he’s having a seizure

Det. McPherson:  Call for an ambulance.

Sgt. Alexander:  Why are you staring at the phone, Lopez?  Call ’em!

Det. Lopez:  It’s Holguin’s phone.  It’s on a call.  On speaker.

Sgt. Alexander:  Hang it up!

Agt. Dellamar:  There’s your leak.

Det. McPherson:  Can we trace it?

Sgt. Alexander:  Hang it up!

Agt. Franco:  Oh, God!  He’s biting his tongue off!


Comdr. Pinkerton:  Hang up the God damn phone!


Det. XXX Holguin was taken to XXXXXXXX Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.  His initial cause of death was listed as a brain aneurysm, but an autopsy is pending.  There has been no explanation given for his strange behavior or his sudden seizure.  By all accounts, Det. Holguin was a healthy forty-four-year-old man with no abnormal medical history.

At this point, we will confirm that Det. Holguin was our confidential source for information regarding this case.  In our opinion, Det. Holguin is a hero.  What are the police and the F.B.I. hiding?  How is this case like the one in Burbank?  What don’t they want us to know?  Are they physically abusing murder suspect Terry XXXXX?  Do they not care at all about Middy XXXXX?

The implications may be worse: Are they to blame for Det. Holguin’s sudden death?  Did they know he was the leak?  Did they drive the man insane because he was the only person fighting for the truth?

Don’t let his death be in vain!  Like us, he was only seeking the truth!  Share this story and spread the truth!  Demand answers!  Keep all protests against the police alive!

Our site is experiencing DDoS attacks and it is possible that our site will have to be taken down, so please do everything you can to spread this information!

The truth will never be silenced!

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