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Case Number: M04-6778.  Homicide Investigation of Gerry XXXXX
November 28, 2014

The following is a transcript of a recorded interview between Detective XXX Holguin and Ms. XXXXX Rodriguez.  Ms. Rodriguez had asked to speak to the police because she had information regarding the whereabouts of seven year old Middy XXXXX who has been missing for two weeks along with her mother, JoAnn XXXXX, a suspect in the death of her husband Gerry XXXXX.  Det. Holguin is not the primary investigator on the case.


Det. Holguin:  This interview is being recorded.  Today is Friday, November 28, 2014.  The time is 4:11 PM.  I am Detective XXX Holguin of the XXXXXXX Homicide Unit.

Ms. Rodriguez:  Thank you so much for meeting with me.  No other officer believes–

Det. Holguin:  You said you had urgent information.

Ms. Rodriguez:  I do.

Det. Holguin:  Great.  I believe you.  Please state your full name.

Ms. Rodriguez: XXXXX XXXXX Rodriguez.

Det. Holguin:  How old are you?

Ms. Rodriguez:  I’m twenty-four.

Det. Holguin:  And what is your occupation?

Ms. Rodriguez:  I’m a second grade teacher at XXXXXXXX Elementary School.

Det. Holguin:  OK.  What information do you have that’ll help us with this investigation?

Ms. Rodriguez:  I’ve been having these terrible nightmares for almost a week.  I don’t know how–

Det. Holguin:  Ms. Rodriguez, is this relevant?

Ms. Rodriguez:  Yes.  But maybe I should back up.

Det. Holguin:  What do you mean back up?

Ms. Rodriguez:  Start from the beginning.  When Middy was a student in my class.

Det. Holguin:  OK.  So Middy was your student before she went missing.

Ms. Rodriguez:  No.  Before her parents removed her.

Det. Holguin:  Removed her?

Ms. Rodriguez:  Her parents took her out of my class because they wanted to homeschool her.  I was happy to see her go even though her mother’s a horrible person.

Det. Holguin:  You know JoAnn XXXXX?

Ms. Rodriguez:  Yes.  I had discussions with her about Middy many times.

Det. Holguin:  Why is JoAnn horrible?

Ms. Rodriguez:  She verbally abused me all the time.  I think she did worse to her daughter.

Det. Holguin:  Why do you think that?  Do you have proof?

Ms. Rodriguez:  No.  But it would explain Middy’s behavior.  It would explain my nightmares.

Det. Holguin:  Describe Middy’s behavior.

Ms. Rodriguez:  She was a devil in the classroom.  Everyone – the media, the police, my friends – they all think Middy is so sweet and funny.  Those YouTube videos of her are so misleading.  She wasn’t an angel.  Not at all.  Not at all.  Not at all.

Det. Holguin:  Please calm down, Ms. Rodriguez.

Ms. Rodriguez:  I’m sorry, but Middy tormented the other kids in school.  She would pass written notes to other students that read: you’re going to die.  What kind of child does that?  She knew exactly how to scare the other kids – she made two little boys cry just by whispering something into their ears.  I have no idea what that could’ve been.  One girl did try to stand up to her, but Middy bit her on the arm.  She drew blood.  I tried everything I could to stop her behavior – negative reinforcement, positive reinforcement, threats, special sessions with the school psychologist.  Nothing helped and Middy’s parents did nothing about it.  The mother blamed me.  This is all documented.  The principal should have the entire record in Middy’s file.  Including Middy’s last day in my class when she used a pair of scissors to cut off a chunk of my hair saying she wanted something to remember me by.  I wrote a detailed report on that one.

Det. Holguin: Sure, we’ll look into it.

Ms. Rodriguez:  I need you to do more than that.  Stop glorifying her image.  Tell the media the truth.  It’s only confusing things.  My students actually miss Middy.  After all she did to them, they can’t stop talking about her, disrupting my class with laughs, outbursts, and by knocking books to the floor.  When I tell my students to stop, they always deny doing anything.  They tell me it’s Middy.  Things have even gone missing in my classroom – crayons, snack food, sweaters and jackets – and of course, every student has the same answer.  Middy took it.  I can’t even teach anymore.  I’ve had to take a leave of absence.

Det. Holguin: That’s too bad.  Is there any other reason you needed to speak to the police?

Ms. Rodriguez:  Yes.  Middy is dead.

Det. Holguin:  We have no reason to assume that she’s dead.  Unless you have some sort of concrete evidence to support–

Ms. Rodriguez:  I know because Middy told me.

Det. Holguin:  Come again?

Ms. Rodriguez:  My nightmares.  That’s when I see Middy.  That’s when she talks to me.

Det. Holguin:  This tragic incident has affected a lot of people.  Even the police.  I can give you the number of a therapist who has offered to help us.

Ms. Rodriguez:  No.  You don’t understand.  I feel if I talk to you about this, she’ll stop tormenting me.

Det. Holguin:  I know you’re upset but–

Ms. Rodriguez:  No.  No.  Every night it’s the same thing.  My nightmares are always the same.  I’m standing in a room.  I’m not sure where or what room – it looks like a garage – but it also looks like a photo studio because I see camera stands and mounted lights and–

Det. Holguin:  I’m going to have to ask you to stop.

Ms. Rodriguez:  There are photos of Middy everywhere.  And little dresses hanging from the ceiling.  It’s like someone created a shrine or a tribute to the girl in this room.

Det. Holguin:  Wait.  Have you spoken to anyone else regarding this?  Any other officer?

Ms. Rodriguez:  No.  No.  No one else will listen to me.

Det. Holguin:  I’m not sure how you got this information, but the department’s on edge.  Someone is leaking confidential pieces of evidence about this investigation to the public.

Ms. Rodriguez:  I don’t know anything about that.  I came here for help.

Det. Holguin:  Are you sure?  We can and will arrest people for obstruction of justice.

Ms. Rodriguez:  I’m sure.  Can I finish?

Det. Holguin:  No.  I think we’re done here.

Ms. Rodriguez:  Please.  I need to finish.  Please.  Please.  You’re the only one who agreed to listen to me.

Det. Holguin:  Please don’t touch me, Ms. Rodriguez.  Do you need a tissue?

Ms. Rodriguez:  No.  I just need someone to listen to me.  I’m falling apart.

Det. Holguin:  Fine.  Go ahead and finish your story.

Ms. Rodriguez:  Thank you.  Thank you.  I’m in the room with the shrine and it’s getting really cold and a door opens – it’s Middy.  She walks into the room, covered in blood.  She says, this is where I died.  Then I wake up.  She died in that room.  Garage, photo studio, whatever it is.  Find that room – that’s where you need to focus.

Det. Holguin:  Um, OK.  If you leave your number at the front, we’ll contact you if we think–

Ms. Rodriguez:  Please do something.  When I wake up it doesn’t end.  I wake up and I can’t breathe because Middy is kneeling on my chest.  She’s giggling and she’s holding a pair of scissors in one hand and a chunk of my hair in the other.  Look at this.

Det. Holguin:  I don’t want to look at your hair.

Ms. Rodriguez:  She’s not only cutting my hair, she’s cutting the skin off my scalp.  I lose more every night.  It’s Middy.  She’s in my bedroom, on my chest with my hair in her hand, trying to cut off more, and I can’t get her off me.  It’s not sleep paralysis – I kick her and hit her, trying to get her off of me, but she doesn’t budge, doesn’t move at all, until I start screaming.

Det. Holguin:  Ms. Rodriguez, I highly suggest you see a doctor.  That’s about all I can offer.  You’re going to have to excuse me–

Ms. Rodriguez:  Oh, my God.

Det. Holguin:  What’s the matter?

Ms. Rodriguez:  Middy’s here.  Right now.  She’s here.  Standing right next to you.

Det. Holguin:  There’s no one in this room besides you and me, Ms. Rodriguez.

Ms. Rodriguez:  Do you hear the voice?

Det. Holguin:  What?

Ms. Rodriguez:  That’s what she’s saying, do you hear the voice?  Can’t you hear her?  She’s right next to you.

Det. Holguin:  No.

Ms. Rodriguez:  The voice of the man who wakes everyone up.  She’s asking you if you hear the voice of the man who wakes everyone up.

Det. Holguin:  Ms. Rodriguez, I don’t have any more time to entertain….oh, Jesus Christ.

Ms. Rodriguez:  [screaming] Get off me.  Get off me.  I told him everything.  God, please.  Get her off me.


Ms. Rodriguez was taken to the hospital in acute psychological distress after collapsing in the interview room of the police station.  Det. Holguin couldn’t explain the fresh lacerations to Ms. Rodriguez’s scalp, saying they appeared to form spontaneously.  Doctors dismissed his claim and have concluded that Ms. Rodriguez’s wounds and hair loss must have been self-inflicted.  She was designated a 5150 and transported to the County Mental Health Facility for a 72-hour involuntary psychiatric hold.

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